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Thread: Subtraction of Monomials

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    Default Subtraction of Monomials

    There are rules for subtracting monomials. If we pay close attention to these rules, the path becomes easier each passing day.


    1-We can only subtract like terms.

    2-We only subtract the numerical coefficients (the numbers in front of the variables).

    3-The literal part (the part with the variable) remains the same or unchanged.

    Sample A:

    500h - 300h = 200h....We subtract the numbers and keep the variable h.

    Sample B:

    90p - 45p = 45p....We subtract the numbers and keep the variable p.

    Sample C:

    150k - 25k = 125k....We subtract the numbers and keep the variable k.

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    or in short we can take the variable common and then subtraction is done normally..

    like 500h-300h

    h(500-300)= 200h
    for any homework help.......


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    The subtraction of two or more non-similar monomials is a polynomial.

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