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Thread: Debate Paper

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    Default Debate Paper

    Overview:Now that you have explored publicly debated issues, it's time to choose an issue to research. The issue should be complex (more than 2 sides to the debate). Select an issue and decide on a general focus or direction for the paper.

    Purpose: Explain why it is important to you and explain why this is also relevant for your peers.
    Pretty much sums up the paper we got with info.

    So I'm thinking about doing violence in video games. Think that would fit the standards? Or should I go for something else? Cause games keep getting more violent, so the debate is pretty much never ending, so people will always be blaming new games. It never ends!

    Guys have any other topics or should I stick to this one? They say try not to be biased and I probably will be if I do this one lol.

    The topic proposal is due tomorrow, but I need to have 20 pages due in like a week on subject. Trying to pick something easy since I'm lazy.

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    You could do that or you could do the debate about MLG and professional gaming being a sport or not.

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    I don't think either of your topics fit the criteria since they have only two sides from what I can think of... the MLG being a sport clearly has two sides (it is a sport or it isn't) Maybe you can stretch your idea about violence in video games to having more than two sides...
    To avoid bias, present all the sides to the issue with each sides claims/each sides rebuttals to the other side without your own rebuttal or support of those claims. Well it asks why it is important to you so perhaps it is asking which side you're on (like you might say your topic is important because you're mad how video games are the scapegoat when tv has been around blah blah blah and parents don't care until it's too late blah blah blah idk lol)

    I'm trying to think of a video game related topic with more than 2 sides... if I get it I'll edit this.
    Edit: I'm literally laying down trying to think of one, but I can't lol.. are video games a waste of time? Again that has two sides (maybe more but stretching it again..) grr keep thinking of yes/no topics which only have two main sides.
    Edit again: Maybe that Columbine shooting may be worth considering since there were more factors involved.. could be blamed on them being outcasts, fascination with Hitler, Doom, combination of factors, they were just crazy, etc ? Idk I'm tired of thinking about video games being bad now lol (off to go run little kids over with my roller coaster in rct3).
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