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Thread: Omegle

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    Default Omegle

    ok so its on h3f. but its funny.

    go here: http://omegle.com/

    hit connect

    and start talking to a random stranger.

    you can post funny convos here.

    You: hi

    Stranger: Hello

    Stranger: hwo are you?

    Stranger: *how

    You: im good

    You: just got done playing with myself

    You: you?

    Stranger: I'm talking to people on skype

    You: nice

    You: skypes for gay ppl

    Stranger: You have it?

    You: r u gay?

    Stranger: no

    You: then y do you have skype?

    Stranger: you a girl or guy?

    You: i use Pidgin

    You: i'm a little of both

    Stranger: I have it because my internet friends have it too

    You: just a little

    You: hello?

    Stranger: That's what she said

    Stranger: damn...

    You: i don't get it

    Stranger: That's what she said

    You: who's she?

    Stranger: anyway

    Your conversational partner has disconnected.

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    You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!

    Stranger: hi

    You have disconnected.

    i scared

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    Just think this is funny for some reason.
    You: Hey

    Stranger: hii

    You: Sup?

    Stranger: male here U?

    You: Yes, my male is up.
    You: Hey

    Stranger: what is your worst christmas present ever ?

    You: Umm.. not sure lol

    You: You?

    You: I used to live out in the country, only got pressies from Parents

    You: That sucked..

    You: Got a tissue box for a present once

    You: Then realised there was a game inside it

    You: hhaha

    Stranger: heh

    Stranger: mine were red socks.

    You: lawl

    You: asl?

    Stranger: is this relevant ?

    You: not really

    You: Just conversation

    Stranger: Good.

    You: I like you

    Stranger: tell me something funny about your day.

    You: That was smart

    You: Something funny..

    You: This omegle stuff

    You: I like saying random shit to strangers

    Stranger: it's pretty fun.

    You: Yah

    Stranger: i once interviewd batman here.

    You: haha real?

    Stranger: i savec the world.

    You: Awesome

    Stranger: saved

    Stranger: twice.

    You: Impressive

    Stranger: i met a rockstar

    You: Who?

    Stranger: wouldn't give out the band !

    You: haha

    You: I dj from time to time

    You: No band..

    Stranger: but he seemed quite authentic, really

    You: I'm an authentic dj

    You: Not big

    You: But alas, I do enjoy music and play it.

    You: I like to think I can sing

    You: Red Hot Chili Peppers are prolly my fav band

    You: Enjoy alot of Trance music

    You: The whole dance genre is cool

    You: Tell me something about you.. stranger

    Stranger: well i like to pee in the shower

    You: Yeah, saves time

    Stranger: even in tennis clubs

    You: I jack it in the shower

    Stranger: it's compulsive

    Stranger: i cannot not do it

    You: Jacking?

    You: Aww, it's fun. Seems retarded when your finished though
    Cos then you're like "Well, I need some kleenexs"

    You: and then "Oh there goes my potential offspring, off into the sewerage system"

    Stranger: no, pee

    Stranger: i did however jack in the shower

    Stranger: not anymore

    You: ah

    You: I like to jack every three days, cos then your guaranteed a huge load

    You: But I'm too horny

    You: I end up doing it a few times a day

    You: Ever had anal?

    Stranger: Nop.

    You: Neither

    You: I'd like to try it though

    You: Motorboated anyone recently?

    You: That shits funny

    You: Oi mayte

    Stranger: neither

    You: ah damn

    You: I like big tits

    Stranger: i'm with regular sports, mountain biking, tennis

    You: oh

    You: Cool

    Stranger: tits aren't important, really.

    Stranger: it's what you feel.

    You: Yeah true, but society made them what they are now

    You: they're just baby feeders

    You: But for some reason, blood rushes to my genitalia when i touch em

    You: I like the firm ones

    You: Not to spread apart

    You: decent sized

    You: Can really grab em

    Stranger: Sure.

    Stranger: i have to go now

    Stranger: bye bye

    You: No you dont
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    Stranger: hi
    You: hey
    Stranger: from?
    You: australia
    Stranger: cool
    Stranger: switzerland
    You: awesome
    Stranger: female or male?
    You: male
    Your conversational partner has disconnected.
    Only one I did.

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    lol jmk's made me laugh

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fsunka View Post
    lol jmk's made me laugh
    haha me too

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    I loved spamming the place when I went to 4chan....

    I'll show a basic conversation in a few minutes.


    You: Hi there.
    Stranger: Hi
    You: HA BITCH! I beat you to the first comment!
    Stranger: wtf?
    You: Suck it loser!!!!

    Then I disconnected...
    Here's my shortest one ever:

    Connecting to server...
    You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
    You: Sup fatty.
    Your conversational partner has disconnected.
    Stranger: hi
    You: Sup fatty.
    You: You there fatso?
    You: Come on lard-ass, typing's not hard.
    You: Don't worry wide-load, I can wait.
    You: I understand your grotesque fingers are dificult to type with.
    Stranger: How sorry
    Stranger: didn't know was here already
    You: Apparantly your incredible size has also damaged your ability to speak.
    Your conversational partner has disconnected.
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    nice. I have never tried anything like that.they would prob. Just hit ignore or something after a moment of speaking with me. LOL
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    You: HI

    Stranger: el bot?

    You: No

    You: You're beautiful

    You: I love you

    Stranger: you're forward

    You: Only when you bend over

    Stranger: oh cram it

    You: Both of which I love

    Stranger: my dream come true

    You: Can you spread your lips a little further apart? The donkey is having a hard time finding the hole

    Stranger: no, but I have some pickled pigs lips in a jar somewhere

    Stranger: you can spread them as much as you'd like

    Stranger: and nobody gets hurt

    You: No, it irritates the foreskin

    Stranger: eww, you're gross

    You: Thanks babe

    Stranger: I just thought you liked animal husbandry or something

    Connection imploded.

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    middle of Tennessee, aka, lost area of land.


    Grossness. LOL

    So I tried it. They said hey and b4 I could even say hi, they left. I can not paste it cuz I am on my iPod buy still. Ouch.
    Last edited by Kitten; 04-21-2009 at 11:35 PM.
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