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    The problem with 9/11 is that we will never know the full truth. The investigation into who knew what and when was so poorly executed and too many people got a free pass on testifying. You also have tons of false information being intentionally thrown out there.

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    US didn't do it. Get over it. US intelligence agencies would have needed probably 200+ people to work on the conspiracy. One of those patriots would have said no to killing thousands of US citizens and leaked the data. Plus, you forget, politicians run shit and a 9/11-type event is very volatile politically. No way of knowing beforehand exactly how it will shift public sentiment.

    Terrorists hijacked the planes and crashed them. Thats it. There are enough legit conspiracies (media owned by political parties, central banks control of stock markets, political control over central banks, prisons for profit, etc) without wasting time thinking about bullshit ones.

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