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Thread: can't believe im asking for girl help on a forum....

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    Unhappy can't believe im asking for girl help on a forum....

    I remembered this site from a few years ago. got some great tips on homework and stuff and saw this section a few times for some laughs and whatnot. But now it seems like I'm in the position where i need help. and I don't trust my friends to spread the word that I like this girl...

    So i'm in gr 12, turning 17 in 13 days. She's a few months older and was 17 in may. So I know she used to like me way back in grade 6, but I was't interested at that time. now for the past year or two Ive been going insane for her, and I can't stop thinking of her. We hang out during school at the bus stop, and we talk in the halls every so often.

    The thing is, I don't know how to ask her out. I'm not the kind of guy to ask in public, and I'm too nervous to even ask her to a movie and lay out the question.

    It's hard for me to visit her, cause i like way out in the boons, and it takes 30mins-an hour to get to any of my friend or her.

    With months left of school, We'll probably be going to different colleges/universities, and i'm in the military, so i'll be taking a different path probably. But i wan't to spend these months with her...

    If anyone could help or give suggestions i'd really appreciate it... Also there's a halloween dance on thursday. so quick help would be appreciated.

    /lowered self esteem for asking help online ><

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    Well, wait until the dance. Dance with her, and if you have a good time, take it from there. Asking her out might be hard, but sometimes you just have to man up and do it.

    Good luck bro.

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    talk to her. Use the ultimate pickup line: "hi". Ask her how her day was. Most importantly, be confident, be bold, and seize opportunities when you see them. Hint: girls around 17 aren't looking for serious relationships.

    self esteem? Don't worry, every brother needs help sometimes.

    good luck.

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    thanks for the help so far guys..

    seems i can't go to the dance though, i have work that night and i cant book off work from the military.

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    Don't be a pussy and go talk to her. The worst she is going to say is no. If you act like you're confident and have no issue if she says no the chances of her saying yes are much higher. And trust me it is really easy to do. I have more proof than I can even tell you about this one. If you don't just man up you're going to miss out and then you'll kick yourself. Step up and be a man.

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    YZF pretty much covered it...like always. Just go talk to her, don't be afraid, it isn't that big of a deal. After talking to her for a while, get her number and text her. After a while of that, ask her to hangout or something.

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    YZF and TheMaker are completely right. You need to just start talking to her. If she liked you a while ago, she might even still have some sort of feelings for you if you haven't changed too drastically. Like everyone said, the worst thingthat can happen is that she says no. Not that big of a deal

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    YZF, TheMaker and Pollox are right. :P
    But seriously listen to em..
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    Honestly at any time when you know you are comfortable with your self,
    Tell her in a few words that you want her, than ask if you can have her

    ex... " oh dream girl, you knock my socks off, and i realize more than ever that you are all that i want, Can i have you?"

    it makes you sound badass, she wont resist, especially if she does like you, then she will also adore you for asking in a unique way, and since you guys go to school together that makes it easier, you have allot more opportunities to try it, i suggest seeing a school play and doing so after words.

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