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Thread: Afterschool I...

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    After school, my two friends and I went out to eat. After that, we dropped my friend Tyler off, then my friend David came over for a little.

    He went home. I played some GH. Now I'm here typing this faggotry.

    My head is made up of memories,
    Most of them useless delusions.
    This room is bored of rehearsals,
    I'm sick of the boundaries,
    I miss you so much.

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    I will probably start a business with my friend. His mom works for that company, and she is very successful (right now @ 140k a year, and rising), and we start under her, so it should be very easy to get started.

    That for a year, then start college, but I'm not 100% sure.

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    I walked round with some mates, went and watched a fight and going to a party tonight.

    Quote Originally Posted by JMK got pwnt View Post
    Taco Bell isn't hyphenated moron.

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    I usually go home and watch tv. If the roads are wet, I go to this unused street and drift cars. And when I say "I", i really mean I sit passenger in my friend's car n shit my pants

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