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    Halloo guys. It's been awhile since I've been here.

    I need someplace to vent my anger:

    I am a track and field runner. I have missed the first two meets because I have been injured. Now that I am fully healed and have completed 6 of the last 7 workouts 100%, I wish to run in my event tomorrow, on Thursday. But because I had to do a reduced workout Monday (3 miles jogging instead of 6x800 meters at 2:50 intervals), my coach decided that I'm still injured and told me not to run. Funny thing is, the rule is that if you have to miss or run reduced the PRACTICE BEFORE the meet you don't run in the meet, not the one 3 practices before. So now here I am, having missed time trials, the first two meets, and now I have to go one the bus for one hour EACH WAY and sit for four hours during the meet with legs that work just fine and watch everybody else run, because my coach can't seem to figure out that I'm fully healed.

    The next meet is in two weeks and the varsity list is finalized three weeks after that and I don't even have a single time by my name yet. The greatest part is, I'm a senior and I missed varsity by just a couple seconds last year.

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